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Car Key Shape USB Flash Drive

Car Key Shape USB Flash Drive

Car Key Shape USB Flash Drive


1. MOQ: 50PCS

2. OEM, LOGO printed is ok

3. Delivery time: within 7 days

4. Warranty: 3 years

5. CE, ROHS provide


Product Details

1. Adopts the USB1.1/2.0 interface that supports hot-plug, Plug and play.
2. Do not need an external power supply, support the BIOS USB-HDD, ZIP startup mode.
3. Capacity to: 128MB-32GB, customers depend on their own needs.
4. Use a variety of operating platforms WIN98/SE/ME/2000/XP, MAC OS8, 6 & HIGHER, UNIX,
LINUX2.4 or later (WIN98 shall install drivers).
5. Electronic storage media, no mechanical components, vibration, electromagnetic interference.
6. To save your data security, long-term (10 years).
7. To read and write speed: USB2.0 write speed 6-8MB/S, read speed: 8-10MB/S (and computer configuration). combination lock function,waterproof


We are a USB drive manufacturer in China, offering a wide range of USB styles and memory capacities. We can produce any sorts of USB flash drives according to your requirement, fully custom made available, custom logo printing, custom shaped thumb drive, If you would like to buy custom USB drive from China direct, feel free to contact us.

Inquire Now: sales@ronta-tech.com