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OTG USB Flash Drive

OTG USB Flash Drive

OTG USB Flash Drive


1. MOQ: 50PCS

2. OEM, LOGO printed is ok

3. Delivery time: within 7 days

4. Warranty: 3 years

5. CE, ROHS provide


How to use the mobile Phone USB:

(a) Mobile Phone USB connect to the mobile phone


First, connect the mobile phone USB to the mobile phone, the USB icon will appears on the phone.


Second, After connected, open mobile file management, you'll find phone USB sda Storage folder.


Thirdly: You can directly open the pictures, music, video and other format files which is in the sda folder.


You can also copy something to your mobile phone (file management method varies for each device).


(b) Mobile USB connect to the computer


First, connect the mobile USB disk to your computer


Second: Other methods like ordinary USB disk.


Function: Can be used as the memory, Can be used as the USB.


(A)When you take pictures, the mobile phone memory capacity is insufficient, the mobile Phone USB plug and play, It needn't to install any software, able to solve your problem Immediately.


(b) Data processing is great importance for professional user, They need a data storage devices To change data at any time. The mobile U disk not only can be used as normal USB stick, also Support the mobile expansion card, It can execution of the data transfer between devices.


(C)If you are a student, when you see the beautiful pictures, wonderful music, wonderful video form Other devices which support OTG function, NOOSY mobile phone USB can help you solve this Problem at anytime and anywhere.


Operating system: Android, Mac OS, Windows Linux.


Application range: Mobile phone of support OTG function, such as Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy SI, Galaxy sII I9100, I9103, 9108, Motorola XOOM, TG01.


Other devices of support OTG function, such as digital cameras, digital cameras, mobile hard disk, MP4, etc


Available capacity

Common size: 32MB-16GB
Big size: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB


wristband, pen, cartoon, food, fruits, heart, soccer, lighter, neckline, namecard, credit card, beer bottle, drinking bottle, flight, shoes, clothes, car, bullet, lipstick, candy and so on.

Additional service

Pre-load data, boot auto run, password protection, space partition


No need battery is real Plug-and-play

Operating system

Free for all system except Win98 (need a driver for Win98)

Read speed

8-15MB/sec (depending on computer configuration)

Write speed

3-6MB/sec (depending on computer configuration)

Operating Temperatures

32°F140°F (060)

Storage Temperatures

-4°F185°F (-2085)




3 years


We are a USB drive manufacturer in China, offering a wide range of USB styles and memory capacities. We can produce any sorts of USB flash drives according to your requirement, fully custom made available, custom logo printing, custom shaped thumb drive, If you would like to buy custom USB drive from China direct, feel free to contact us.